Message From the Director

Founded In 1996 Delhi, INDIA

DyanGroup / Message From the Director


Since 1989 we have established our business committed to being a service provider of choice to owners, developers and clients throughout the region. Our rst and foremost commitment is to our customer satisfaction by completing our cent percent work before the timelines, using a highly expertise & committed workforce.As we continued to experience service demands from the highly reputed clients our small business expanded into what it is today, a ‘multi-faceted’ engineering company. From our original scope of research and manufacturing we now provide a full range of engineering services.

Today we operate from our original location offering a modern facility with a design and drafting department, tting and machine shop, welding bays, fabrication and assembly areas,industrial blasting and painting, hydraulic pressmanufacture, power press manufacture, hydraulic component repairs & manufacture, and corporate services office.

We respond very quickly to the needs of our wider community and industries. Over the years we identified the need of the market for new R&D’s and our team is working with there expertiseto fulll the requirements of our customers to a high level of satisfaction. The stock materials and components for the manufacturing of new projects is procured very easily as our procurement team works with committed heart to complete the given project timely. This approach helps us to remain on top in Market.

Our diverse client basenow includes, printing & packaging, waste management, constructions, heavy presses industries, and special task’s given by clients. We will continue to work with our current clients and theseindustries provide us innovative and effective solutions to improve our engineering abilities day by day.

Our keys to success
  • Providing a professional quality service on time and in budget.
  • Working honestly by developing a follow -up strategy to gauge performance and build trust with all our clients.
  • Developing an end to end engineering product and services capability .
  • Working closely with our customers and providing a transparent line of communication.
Our staff

Over the years we have built a stable workforce with a large number of our employees being ‘long term employees’. Loyalty and commitment are values we promote amongest all our employees, from apprentices and trainees through to senior management. Wesupport our teammates by providing them trainings & education to upgrade according to the new generations & technologies. I am proud of our ability to be able to offer thesecareer opportunities for our young people. Today,a number of our qualied and experienced tradespeoplein fact commenced employment with the Company asan apprentice tradesperson. This will create the atmosphere at our premises friendly & hence improve their capabilities.

Our community

We play an active role in our community, in particular providing financial and sponsorship support to local fundraising activities, sporting groups and community organisations.

I am committed to building a sustainable future for our company and the staff we employ by continuing to work with and in our community to achieve success in all we do.

Thank you for considering Dyan Enterprises Pvt Ltd as a business partner and a provider of engineering services.